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October 31, 2006

The leader in today’s Times rightly urges everyone to take a pragmatic approach to Stern’s review and the challenges ahead:

“There is no need, after all, to extrapolate into fantasy catastrophe, as far too many “forecasters” are wont to do.”

On the front page there’s a helpful large infographic with the title: “The Stern Scenarioes: WHAT MAY HAPPEN“.



Did Cowards Flinch? Read all about it!

October 31, 2006

Lord Kinnock

I’ve spent the evening in the presence of nobility, ability…and less so. In the River Room somewhere in the House of Lords. The occasion was the launch of Alan Mumford’s excellent new book“Did Cowards Flinch” – a cartoon history of the Labour Party.

It was odd somehow to listen to foreword-writer Neil Kinnock reminisce fondly about Nye Bevan and co Laboureres of that era, while surrounded by £300 per roll wallpaper in the Upper House. Odd, yet strangely appropriate…all things concidered…
Lord Kinnock was on great form though, and his anecdotes filled the place with a soft, red fog. So pleasant was the whole thing at some stage, I actually thought to myself:
“He would be a good choice for Labour leader when Blair buggers off…”
Then I though:
“Hah! Silly me…”

“Blair’s never gonna to leave..!”

Credits to Drs Alan Mumford and Tim Benson for a book well done.

An exhibition showing the best cartoons from the book is on at the Political Cartoon Gallery in Store Street. Absolutely worth a visit.

The git has hit the fan…

October 29, 2006

Lord Levy has apparently put on his best Billy Goat Gruff act for the police, saying “Oh, no, you don’t want to eat me! I’m too little. Wait till the big Billy goat Blair comes along. He is much bigger!”

“Why be brave when pathetic will do?” – Lord Levy (I’m sure)

Blair’s state of mind…

October 28, 2006


More Fiore Fun…

October 26, 2006

Another terrific animated political cartoon from Mark Fiore.

Bush’s speech – a summary…

October 25, 2006

Flexible strategies

Fiore fun…

October 25, 2006

Mark Fiore, the undisputed king of animated political cartoons on the web, is back with another episode of “Buster the friendly nuke”.

Liberal Theocrat Ming the Merciful

October 25, 2006

This Comment piece in The Times is well worth a read. Chancellor of St.Andrews University, the right honourable Ming Campbell is to present former President Khatami of Iran with an honorary doctorate of law. Presumably for his direct role in crushing the student uprising in Iran in 1999. Or maybe for how he adopted laws on segregation that among other things led to women not being allowed to be treated by male medical staff and doctors in hospitals…
There is obviously nothing Merciless about Ming. He forgives and forgets – then praises and applauds!


October 25, 2006

A few months ago Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) suffered the same fate as so many other American in-house political cartoonists, and was shamefully abandoned by his paper (Baltimore Sun).
However KAL has put his newfound freedom to good use, and the result is a possibly groundbreaking new development in political cartooning. At the moment the development process is far too labourious for it to be a viable solution for most cartoonists. The end result is incredibly exciting though, and it might just be a sign of things to come! Take a look at the weekly journal and see the project take shape.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

October 24, 2006

Michael Howard the warm-up act. Blair’s day in the interview room must surely be near. Although when the day comes, the press release from number 10 will probably say it was “planned meeting with police officers to talk about the challenges facing our police force in the fight against new threats such as terrorism. They also discussed other matters.”