A few months ago Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) suffered the same fate as so many other American in-house political cartoonists, and was shamefully abandoned by his paper (Baltimore Sun).
However KAL has put his newfound freedom to good use, and the result is a possibly groundbreaking new development in political cartooning. At the moment the development process is far too labourious for it to be a viable solution for most cartoonists. The end result is incredibly exciting though, and it might just be a sign of things to come! Take a look at the weekly journal and see the project take shape.


2 Responses to “KALtooning”

  1. Kaltooning update « poldraw Says:

    […] A little while back I wrote about political cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher’s 3D animation project. Most people with any interest in this, have probably seen it already, but there’s a little […]

  2. KAL goes 3D and animated for the Economist... « poldraw Says:

    […] say, but exciting nonetheless. I’ve discussed KAL’s development of a 3D project before (here and here), and it does look great now that it’s coming together. As far as I know he does the […]

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