Halloween this year has been terrific. Only one set of kids at the door – and that was a pre-planned visit by some excited children in our street. No late night visits from pre-teens with crappy masks, asking if they can have money instead of sweets.
And no repeats of last year’s “Trick or Treat! …oh, we’re one week early ’cause we’re going to Spain tomorrow…”

Among all the bothersome intrusions, there was one superb high point though. The three kids, maybe 11 years old, dressed like demons, singing “Ding dong merrily on high…”
An unbeatable spectacle.

Still, despite one creative gem last year, the lack of any costume clad beggars this year has been a real treat. Talking to friends, it seems the story is repeated elsewhere too.
It’s ironic really, that people in general have become so frightened of everyone and everything that they won’t let their children dress up to scare or annoy people… It’s like two wrongs have made a fabulous right.

Any good stories on the crapness of Halloween? Share!


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