Perfect comedy face, my arse…

BBC online features another example of why perhaps certain scientists could do with a field trip into the real world once in a while. A Scottish team claims to have created the perfect comedy face by blending together 179 different facial features of 20 top comedians.
They’ve compared this freaky frozen corpse-like face to politicians, and concluded that

The researchers also concluded that Conservative leader David Cameron, unlike Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, has features prone to make people laugh.

As if we needed a team of scientists to tell us that! Include his speeches and hapless hand movements, and you have the complete comedy character!

They’re way of the mark with Tony and Gordon though. ‘They don’t have features that make you prone to laughing’…HAH! Look harder…and giggle manically.
Also, they claim Cameron has a comedy face, but that high foreheads are very unfunny. Cameron has one of the highest foreheads in the world. Surely those findings are problematic…

What this study really reveals, is that maybe all the worthwhile science is used up.


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