You don’t even have the right to remain silent…

This is worrying… In essence the Military Commissions Act of 2006 means that Immigrants arrested in the United States may be held indefinitely on suspicion of terrorism and may not challenge their imprisonment in civilian courts.

There is the small matter of Habeas Corpus of course, which has seemingly been relegated from “guiding principle” to “impractical ideal”. More than anything though, it smells of a system which has a terrifying disregard for the value of foreign life. It is a mystery to me why the US Government does not play to the country’s obvious strengths and strive to make it a beacon of fairness and transparency. Instead this Administration seems to be trying its damnedest to emulate the worst practices of countries it is so fond of condemning.
It’ll be interesting to see what steps, if any, the newly empowered Democrats take to rectify the situation. This is a chance to show their conviction and strenght.


2 Responses to “You don’t even have the right to remain silent…”

  1. Kevin Says:

    You liberals are funny.

    So tell me; since when did non-citizens become protected by our constitution?

  2. poldraw Says:

    Well, many argue that the law itself is unconstitutional. Still, your answer and attitude at least proves my point about the disregard for the value of foreign life.

    Hypothetically, let’s say this law was passed in some other country, and American citizens were being rounded up and locked away in the same fashion…
    Would it be acceptable?

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