Breaking News: Someone’s bombing Google!

I concider myself reasonably on the ball when it comes to the internet. Google is probably among the seven most important tools of my job. Yet this evening I realized that the concept of Google bombing has bypassed me completely! I’ve heard i mentioned, but never actually listened long enough to learn what it is.

I needed some reference for “poodle” today, so I Googled it. Tony Blair was the number 1 result.
Which made me laugh.
…and investigate.
Turns out that the world has been Google bombing for years without me knowing! Since April 2001 in fact. I learned that Blair also is the top result when you search for “liar” and that George W. Bush is so for “Miserable failure”. However, the BBC reported that in 2003!
John Prescott is first on the list if you search for “f**ckwit”, but I’m not entirely sure whether that’s a result of Google bombing, or more natural causes.

I feel a bit strange now. Like I’ve missed out.
Like I’ve been to a party where everyone knew something that I didn’t, and didn’t tell me until the end…AFTER I’d made that joke about infidelity that got so few laughs…
Infidelity of course also being the reason why the host’s partner did not attend the party…

I feel a bit like that.

Or maybe I feel a bit like the Tory who came up with the idea of doing an ad about how everyone who gets into a lot of debt are tossers, just days before someone told him/her and the rest of the country that the Tory Party itself owe no less than £35.3m.


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