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December 31, 2006



On the other hand…

December 30, 2006


The end of the line for Saddam.

December 30, 2006

hang saddam

Saddam’s dead, and most people probably don’t miss him terribly…
Executing him though, seems ill-advised. Ill-judged.

Tim Hames puts it well I think…


December 28, 2006

As as way of slowly getting back into the swing of things, let me recommend this Mark Fiore double bill. Whoopsmas II and Whoopsmas II part 2.

Merry Christmas…

December 23, 2006

My apologies for lack of posting lately.
Newspapers tend to suddenly realize around Christmas that they need a whole lot of cartoons for…Christmas. It happens every year, and it takes me by surprise every year. I haven’t really slept much lately…

So let’s rest for a few days. Let’s watch a classic Christmas animation, and rest some more.

Merry Christmas to all!

Getting animated…

December 19, 2006

American political cartoonists are getting the picture, and so it seems are increasingly some American newspapers too. As more and more of the focus is shifted towards the web, newspapers in Britain too will have to realize the full potential of the medium. That means, unfortunately some might say, that the trade will have to change too. Journalists will be working in different media to different deadlines. The traditional first, second and third editions will soon make way for continuous coverage.

Cartoonists will have to change too. The main issue will be the format and medium. I’m not going to go into a terribly long analysis of this, but the main issue is bound to be animation.
In some form or another.
Whether it is a series of still images with minimal animation, photomontage, traditional 2D animation, or a 3D solution like the one featured here by Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle, the preassure will be there for us to do something different.
I mentioned Kevin Kallaugher a little while back. His work is possibly two generations ahead, but (if you disregard his elaborate development process) it’s undoubtedly the shape of things to come. The possibilty of controlling pre-designed cartoon characters in real time.

Even with the less technologically challenging options though, there will be many issues facing cartoonists in this transitional period.
Time for example. At the moment it’s very difficult to make a decent animated cartoon in the same time it takes to do a normal cartoon, yet the preassure to respond to events will only increase with time. Can you realistically do everything on your own without help?
Money. Because of the time you spend, and the equipment needed, animated cartoons will cost more to make, but will newspapers want to pay more?

These are the very very basic questions, but they are difficult to find any answers to at the moment…
I sincerely hope however that we’re talking months – not years – before we see animated cartoons on British online newspapers too…

Any thoughs? Am I being defeatist on behalf of the beloved pen and ink?

More to come…

Lembit Opik, Epik Lombit, Pickled Egit…

December 17, 2006


Iain Dale last night broke this marvellous story from the Mail on Sunday.

This is beyond satire. Way beyond. So much so I find it hard simply summing it all up.
Lembit has basically split from weather presenter Sian Lloyd to be with a 24 year old Romanian Cheeky Girl and all around PR slag, whose claim to fame is being part of a speculative novelty act with her sister – managed by her mother/spokeswoman. That last bit on its own would make most sensible men get their socks and flee town, but not Limpit. He simply picks his favourite sex clad twin and embraces the whole thing with the most unsettling composure.

It’s difficult to determine the hows and whys of such an unlikely union, but maybe the two find some chemistry through the fact that they both have very distinctive interpretations of what constitutes music…

Lempik with his harmonica and the young Transylvanian maid with her poetic performances of words such as:

Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys
Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys
Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys
Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys

I never ever ask where do you go
I never ever ask what do you do
I never ever ask what’s in your mind
I never ever ask if you’ll be mine
Come and smile don’t be shy
Touch my bum this is life.


Lembit knows how to pick a winner…
That’s a well known fact.

I didn’t notice this story in News of the World yesterday. Lembit must be so proud…
The daily press are also reporting the story today – with badly disguised glee.

Blair in the Middle East…

December 17, 2006


Fiore Friday…

December 15, 2006

Mark Fiore is again directing his venom at the people making money out of the troubles in Iraq.

A Handelsman’s view…

December 15, 2006

If you don’t mind the loading time, this little animation by editorial cartoonist Walt Handelsman is a very watchable take on recent news – put into the context of Christmas shopping.
The cartoonist’s surname incidentally means “tradesman”….which for some reason sounded like an interesting fact when I started writing this sentence…