In these Trident times…

…some reassuring hints and tips of what to do when it all kicks off.
I don’t see why people give Blair and Brown such a hard time for wanting to spit on the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Nuclear war doesn’t look all that bad, if only you have a bottle of water handy, and a decent cellar…
I’ll probably hide in my new conservatory. It’s got double glazed windows.


7 Responses to “In these Trident times…”

  1. canarislander Says:

    There are new angles to the Blair’s wishes to revamp the nuke subs. You may like reading it here:

  2. poldraw Says:

    I’d very much like to read it, but I’d rather not join your party or any online groups affiliated with Respect, just for the pleasure of doing so.
    Is there anywhere else I can find it?

  3. canarislander Says:

    It is not affiliated with the Political Party, but if you do that for the pleasure of doing so, then forget it. I am of the opinion, which you may as well be against, that we should read or know anything people with different thoughts say, provided they are as respectful as I am.

    Democracy is freedom of expression. Zealotry is something the contrary.

    And you may delete all my comments if you wish, I do not mind.

  4. poldraw Says:

    Is it that respectfulness that automatically assumes that I’m a Zealot simply because I asked whether I could find the information, outside of a members only area?!

    I think you’ll find that such an uncompromising attitude often is called…erm…zealotry.

  5. canarislander Says:

    Think as you wish. Perhaps you should reread your first comment. Methinks snubbing a particular ideology or opinion is not that democratic, and yes I respect you and am not calling you zealot, I still think you may be democratic.

  6. michaeloxford Says:

    This discussion group was originally set up as being affiliated to “Respect” but that changed when Mr Galloway went on a trashy Celebrity Big Brother” TV program. It now has nothing to do with the “Respect Political Party” but it’s impossible to simply change the name without closing it and opening a new one.
    In any case I’ve opened to forum up to viewing by the public so it’s not necessary to be a member to read the content, only to write them.

    However I would like to add that George Galloway is one of the very few politicians who says it the way it is in regards to the illegal invasion of Iraq.

  7. poldraw Says:

    That’s good news about the public access, michaeloxford. As you will have read in world history, and previous comments to this post, closed doors lead to suspicion and unfounded conflicts!

    I’ll make my way over there to broaden my horizons now.

    Oh, and speaking of Galloway and his indefatigability on the subject of the invasion. He cancelled opening an exhibition of political cartoons on the subject, because he was enjoying the mainstream attention of the “Celebrity” Big Brother audience.
    It’s obviously harsh to say that one cancellation alone destroys his credibility on this matter, but he was duly, and thoroughly mocked for it at the time.

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