Change happens…


A little something from the sketchbook.
On the approval of Robert Gates as US Defence Secretary.

Today’s report from the Iraq Study Group, should be interesting, by the way, but possibly, some reports say, for the things it didn’t mention rather than the things it did.

My favourite bit of reporting on the issue I’ve heard today is this seemingly non-controversial thing:

Mr Bush has previously indicated he will look closely at, but not necessarily follow, the suggestions of the group.

Here’s a man in the most dire need of rescue, trying desperately to make it look like he doesn’t really need the help of the life raft that has come to his aid.

Daniel Finkelstein links to this piece by Times US editor Gerard Baker, which questions how worthwhile the report from the Iraq Study Group really is. Interesting read.


One Response to “Change happens…”

  1. canarislander Says:

    My view on this report is that it will end up by going through and being followed. There is something that is compulsorily necessary in the ME and that is continued peace, otherwise there is a risk that the normal process in Western economies be disrupted with the obvious damages to everybody and everything.

    A quick war could be convenient to those interested in it, but a continuous conflict in that critical zone will not favour them at all. The invasion of Iraq was absurd in itself – at least for me – but the subsequent circumstances – unforeseen by the US-led coalition – have given that conflict a new aspect.

    By all means must it be stopped, much that the Jewish lobby in Washington DC want to keep Israel’s role in the Zone. It has been proved that Israel is the cause of many of the ills, and therefore I would not be surprised if it is made to keep a low profile while the problem is solved.

    My opinion at least.

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