Political Cartoon of the Year Awards…and cough…

Having had to cut short a very pleasant evening at the Economist due to what can only be described as a shitty cold, I’m back in my studio posting news of it, while sipping yet another Lemsip.
The event was the Political Cartoon of the Year Award, which I was lucky enough to take home last year. This year the Gillray Goblet and Low cartoon was back in the hands of Dave Brown from the Indy (It’s not the cartoon on the link by the way…). Fortunately, this year he won with a decidedly less controversial cartoon than the one in 2003, which led to uproar and death threats. A good example of some of the ludicrous reactions Dave and Tim Benson from The Political Cartoon Society met then, can be seen here. Google Dave’s name, and you’ll find pages about little else.

Political Cartoonist of the year went to Peter Brookes of The Times. And deservedly so!
After having also won the Cartoon Art Trust Political Cartoonist of the Year Award, he’s on good way to taking a clean sweep this year. The competition is hard between in particular Peter Brookes, Steve Bell (Winner 2005) and Dave Brown (Winner 2004..?..I think). Peter’s work is consistently of such high quality – in a very traditional cartooning language that gets the message across extremely effectively, and that for me makes him a worthy winner.


Writing about last night’s awards, Matt Buck has a link to this rather good podcast from Matt Tempest who was there for the Guardian.


2 Responses to “Political Cartoon of the Year Awards…and cough…”

  1. matt Says:

    Get better soon.

  2. poldraw Says:

    Cheers Matt.
    Hope the Tribune treated you well!

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