Extreme Eyeballing…


Nick Robinson asked a good question today, in which he indicated that President Bush might be in denial. The president was visibly shaken and angry by this, and gave a rather wonderfully ranting answer.

This moment was obviously exhilarating for the BBC man, so he plunged on to News 24 saying he had been eyeballing with the president. He had been “eyeballed by the leader of the free world!” – “the most powerful man in the world” even. He told Newsnight too. And he wrote it in his blog, AND even managed to get it onto This Week tonight.

Robinson’s excitement about this encounter, or the joy he got from talking about it as he’d just faced a cobra in the loo, wasn’t the funniest thing though. It was the very idea of the two of them trying to out-stare each other.

Bush with his squinting so extreme it makes you wonder whether he’s got any eyeballs at all. It would explain a few things if he didn’t.

Then there’s Robinson with his eyeballs staring like madness, but from so far away behind his glasses they seem removed from the occasion.

It must have been some battle…


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