Lembit Opik, Epik Lombit, Pickled Egit…


Iain Dale last night broke this marvellous story from the Mail on Sunday.

This is beyond satire. Way beyond. So much so I find it hard simply summing it all up.
Lembit has basically split from weather presenter Sian Lloyd to be with a 24 year old Romanian Cheeky Girl and all around PR slag, whose claim to fame is being part of a speculative novelty act with her sister – managed by her mother/spokeswoman. That last bit on its own would make most sensible men get their socks and flee town, but not Limpit. He simply picks his favourite sex clad twin and embraces the whole thing with the most unsettling composure.

It’s difficult to determine the hows and whys of such an unlikely union, but maybe the two find some chemistry through the fact that they both have very distinctive interpretations of what constitutes music…

Lempik with his harmonica and the young Transylvanian maid with her poetic performances of words such as:

Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys
Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys
Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys
Ooh boys cheeky girls
Ooh girls cheeky boys

I never ever ask where do you go
I never ever ask what do you do
I never ever ask what’s in your mind
I never ever ask if you’ll be mine
Come and smile don’t be shy
Touch my bum this is life.


Lembit knows how to pick a winner…
That’s a well known fact.

I didn’t notice this story in News of the World yesterday. Lembit must be so proud…
The daily press are also reporting the story today – with badly disguised glee.


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