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Satirising spin-speak and such…

January 30, 2007

I don’t know whether it’s a good or a bad thing that some of what politicians come out with these days, is so banal and plain stupid that the lines between reporting and satire are all but removed. In many ways you’d think it would make the satirists’ job much easier, but I’m sure that’s true. People become so used to hearing meaningless nonsense from politicians, that they either fail to recognize that what they’re being served is spin-speak bollocks, or they switch off completely. Satirists are left thinking “how can I possibly make this person look more ridiculous than he has already managed himself?!”

Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian today is an excellent example of how it can be done.


From Major to Minor…

January 26, 2007


The Political Cartoon Gallery are opening what promises to be a rather brilliant show next week, with some of the most iconic cartoons and cartoon creations of the last two decades. From Major to Minor will include Major’s underpants, little schoolboy Hague, Michael Howard the vampire and who was that Iain bloke? Oh well. He’ll be there too I’m sure, although you might not spot him. There should be some Cameron stuff there too, unless they’ve chosen to leave my cartoons out of it.

From Major to Minor runs from 31 January to 17 March at The Political Cartoon Gallery, 32 Store Street, London WC1

Quickly of the Mark…

January 26, 2007

Mark Fiore has released a surprisingly quick animated response to the Senate committee’s rejection of Bush’s surge plans.
Very good it is too…

The 97th most sexy…for now.

January 25, 2007

sexy brown2

State of the Union – The Real Story…

January 23, 2007


State union1


State of the Union


state union3

The law and number 10…

January 21, 2007

do not cross2

Dornt mess wi’ mah union…

January 20, 2007


The poor old sod.

Chancellor Gordon Brown has provoked a storm by appearing to back England to host and win the football World Cup in 2018 – and not his native Scotland.

…The chancellor naturally added that “of course Scotland would do well”…

Whoever agreed with Gordon, or even worse, suggested to him, that a Britishness campaign would be the way to go, should be severly thumped. Not only by Gordon, but by all of us, who for years to come will have to endure hearing the Chancellor/PM-ish endlessly walking a tight rope – covering every possible interpretation of any statement that might somehow be linked to the relationship issues between England and Scotland.
God, it’s boring!

When Gordon becomes PM, this’ll be the one issue that’ll haunt him the most.

I’m a dirty, dirty, dirty so and so…

January 19, 2007

I’ve soiled myself.
I did it, you see…
I watched.
Like a sordid punter of reality tv. There it was – flaunting itself – and between watching Newsnight and seeing what Jade had to say for herself, I chose the latter. I tried to wash my hands (see Peter’s excellent cartoon) by saying to myself that it was a newsworthy story, and that Newsnight probably would be covering it anyway, so it was my responsibility to seek the firsthand account rather than one relayed through the prism of other commentators.


It was voyeurism!
Pure and simple. Fascination! Compulsion.
In my defence, I did think this was the final – the last programme… (“In my defence”?! That’s no defence) But there are a whole lot of other people still in there – among them that pop music Jo girl and that frightful contraption that is Teddy Sherringham’s girlfriend.
This is it though. No more comments about that horrible little programme. I feel soiled.

Bog Brother…

January 18, 2007

Peter Brookes has got a very nice cartoon in tomorrow’s paper – about the obtuse crap that is ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother, and more importantly – about the people who choose to watch it.

When the opposite attracts…

January 18, 2007

In times of diplomatic unrest due to the sectarian strife in the ‘Celebrity’ Bog Brother house, why not take a break from it all with some real warring. Mark Fiore has a thing or two to say about the latest announcements on troop deployments to Iraq…