Bush tide…

It’s interesting to observe the mood these days among columnists and commentators who for a good few years now have spent significant time and credibility backing and defending the folly that is the American and British mission in Iraq. Many politicians on both sides of the pond have gone from being staunch supporters to election-fearing critics. Among the pro-war commentariat though, the switch has tended to be from staunch supporter to apoligist.
You get the feeling that the Bush administration’s decission to have a ‘surge’ og troops in Iraq, and their clumsy relationship with the broader Middle East in general, is turning the tide. That’s not really a great surprise, but what is insteresting how this increasing disillusion seems to go so far beyond a mere bungling administration.
Read the carefully momentous words of Matthew Parris here. I’d also recommend this blog-piece on the American conservatie columnist Rod Dreher.


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