Super Duper Brown…


Poor Gordon… How can he possibly look like an exciting option when everything Blair does is no less than “super.” In his ten years in power, Tony has not only laid claim to “super”, but to virtually all its synonyms as well. “Excellent” or “Excellence” is all but meaningless now.

If Brown’s going to be seen not just to be aping Blair, but fails to find a bigger word, he’ll have to announce policies with titles beginning with less forceful descriptions such as “big”, “good” and “quite large.” And if he really wants to distance himself, his options would be narrowed down to “rotten”, “tiny”, “narrow” and “in bits”.

Brown’s problem is that even though it’ll be difficult for him to come up with worse policies than “Super Casinos”, “Super Nannies”, “Super Database” and “Super Asbos,” trying to sell anything beginning with a lesser adjective, and still look like a better, fresh new alternative, will be even harder.

So the quest is on to find a superior word.
“Super Duper” seems like a natural progression. “Cosmic” might follow…


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