Would like to meet: Perfect Circle Man…

As any cartoonist or illustrator will testify, the most common response you get if you tell a new acquaintance that you draw pictures for a living, is “I can’t even draw a straight line.” (Well neither can I!)
Just for the sake of variety, I’d love to meet this man. I imagine he’d say: “You’re a cartoonist? Hmm. (…) I can’t even draw a straight line! I can draw a perfect circle though.”

It’s an amazing spectacle.

By the way, the link is worth looking at if not only for the film, but for the fabulous comment left by someone calling themselves Carlosus.
After obviously having watched this rather brilliant performace, he finds it in him to respond thus:

Actually, there is such a thing as a perfect circle in the universe. Perfection is a concept in which man created in a collective reality. It is one of the few things we actually “know” exists. And it can be determined through mathematics. It is as “real” as we want it to be.

Hands up those who’d like to meet Carlosus!?


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