I’m a dirty, dirty, dirty so and so…

I’ve soiled myself.
I did it, you see…
I watched.
Like a sordid punter of reality tv. There it was – flaunting itself – and between watching Newsnight and seeing what Jade had to say for herself, I chose the latter. I tried to wash my hands (see Peter’s excellent cartoon) by saying to myself that it was a newsworthy story, and that Newsnight probably would be covering it anyway, so it was my responsibility to seek the firsthand account rather than one relayed through the prism of other commentators.


It was voyeurism!
Pure and simple. Fascination! Compulsion.
In my defence, I did think this was the final – the last programme… (“In my defence”?! That’s no defence) But there are a whole lot of other people still in there – among them that pop music Jo girl and that frightful contraption that is Teddy Sherringham’s girlfriend.
This is it though. No more comments about that horrible little programme. I feel soiled.


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