The Times very much Online…

times online

The Times have relaunched their online section today, with a hugely improved design! Apart from the racy lime green element in the heading, the way columns are used on the ‘splash’, gives you the impression that you’re reading a traditional newspaper page.
The spacing is airy, which makes everything very legible.

The menu system is probably the biggest improvement from the previous incarnation of Times Online. Incredibly clear. Again the reference to the newspaper design makes a huge difference, in that when you go to say ‘Politics’ you don’t just get a list of today’s articles from that section, but you get a page with a design of its own.

For cartoonists like myself, and for anyone who enjoys cartoons really, it’s reassuring and wonderfully encouraging to see how Times Online considers the editorial and pocket cartoons to be so significant. With visually inviting links from both the Comment section AND the Politics section, the reader certainly won’t miss them!
If I could suggest one thing for the cartoon section, it would be a link to the relevant article in Pugh’s excellent gallery of pocket cartoons. Although his cartoons work brilliantly well on their own, they work even better when set against an article.

times online cartoons

Applause all around.

Oh, and yeah there’s great sections for podcast and such too.

Applause all around.

UPDATE: When it stops crashing, I’ll start the applause again…


3 Responses to “The Times very much Online…”

  1. matt Says:

    Thought the turkey cartoon was lovely too

  2. poldraw Says:

    Cheers Matt.

  3. Stephen Collins Says:

    Yeah I think it’s a good redesign, and a triumph bar the first few tech hiccups. Would be pretty outrageous if the print version of a relaunched paper didn’t reach the shelves. But I’m always quite surprised how newspapers are still sort of catching up with the web, this is still pretty new stuff to many of them. I think they’ve done an excellent job. The lime green looks great. I am still awaiting my invitation to be on it though (must be in the post…)

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