gordon test

A week off most things has done me surprisingly little good.
Let’s get back into the swings of things.

Here’s something I’m working on at the moment. In my spare time. Which is mostly during Newsnight.
It’s the final Gordon character – ready to be animated. He’s the first one to be finished in new software with the “new” style.

A natural choice for the first character should really have been the Prime Minister, but he feels strangely unimportant these days… And concidering that I’m mostly working on this while watching the evening news, he’ll be in the Lords long before any real animation is produced anyway. Mind you, so will probably Gordon, if David Milliband can muster the courage to stand against him for the leadership.


2 Responses to “Backbackback…”

  1. Stephen Collins Says:

    great design – as i said it retains a lot of your style, love the colours, and the papery texture keeps a newspapery feel to it. If you get this up and running it’ll be an important development for newspaper cartooning I think, it’ll certainly look better than the other newspaper animations out there. And it’ll be funny too. Look forward to it!

  2. poldraw Says:

    Cheers Stephen, that’s very kind of you.
    I feel that it stylistically is getting there now, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the first sign of moving characters. After having spent the best part of two years trying different ways of getting some kind of animated cartoon into some kind of production, I’ve decided to take it easy with this one, and just do what I like.

    The main issue is time. Production time. To do a 30 – 45 sec fully animated thing, you have to set aside a week of pretty much full time work. A bit less if you’ve everything you need in a library, but the likelyhood is that you at least need some new designs/layouts. Then there’s sound, voices possibly, editing etc…

    As I’m not a voice artist myself (At all!), I’ve tried working with a bigger team, ‘outsourcing’ voice, sound and some animation, and subsequently flogging it to a bigger market. In theory a good solution, but you have to make shitloads of money per cartoon in order to justify that sort of team. Money certianly no newspaper is willing to pay. Even the amount you’d have to ask for if you did it all on your own, is probably unacceptable to most.

    Matt Buck’s (See blogroll) has found a cost effective way, which at the moment I think probably is the best solution for a working cartoonist. It’d no problem to do fully animated 30 seconds if you could work full time on it, and don’t worry about getting money in. But if you have mortgage to pay, and a regular client base to maintain, it’s not easy.

    So the plan is to get it up and running – slowly. Then when I’ve got a reasonable library, look at my options.

    We’ll see.

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