Dale Drivel…

Iain Dale is surpassing himself these days in the amount of self congratulatory, sanctimonious drivel he manages to put on his blog.
The man is blowing his own horn like man possessed.

In case you’re not a regular reader of his diary, today he’s had the audacity to liken himself to an Egyptian blogger imprissoned for standing up to a totalitarian regime. In the comment section ‘Peckhammer’ quite appropriately replies:

Implying that the manner with which you oppose the Government here comes anywhere near the brave dissent showed by this young man – in a totalitarian regime – is frankly offensive Iain.

…followed by some well directed mockery by Tim Ireland aka Manic aka Guido Fawkes 2.0.

Later Iain finds it in him to claim great success for a 18 Doughty Street advert about “The World Without America” – an apparently successful viral marketing campaign if viewing figures are the measure of success. It’s hard though to see how anyone would look at that piece of utter dung, and take it seriously.

It’s the most astonishingly naive and defeatist view of the world, and humanity, that you will ever see…
Claiming for example that a world without America would be a world rife with polio and other now avoidable diseases.
As if a world without America would be scientifically paralysed.
(These days of course, we know all about how America is leading the way in say…stem cell research.)

It’s like saying that we would still be using morse code to communicate, had it not been for Alexander Graham Bell.

How Iain Dale can sit there and proudly announce that he has been been instrumental in broadcasting this pessimistic lunacy to thousands, is beyond comprehension.
However, I’d encourage everyone to see the ‘advert’, as it’s the best way to get an insight into the mindset of the film’s makers.


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