Satirising huggies…

I have a feeling that Alistair Beaton’s comment piece in the Telegraph today, reflects what most satirists across the land are thinking these days.

I urge you to read the whole thing, but here are some snippets:

I am seriously worried about David Cameron. I feel he’s about to let me down. David’s fluffy all-things-to-all-persons routine may provide material for a three-minute comedy sketch, or even prove the perfect foil for a telephone-wielding impressionist, but unless he comes up with a serious set of policies very soon, then I fear he is going to be a dead loss for satirists.


Most satire is born of anger, and bland nice-guy acts just don’t generate it.
To be perfectly honest, Tory Dave is already boring me stupid.


The Shadow Chancellor was so nice I wanted to shoot myself. (…) Instead of crushing me, he smiled sweetly and explained that what he was doing was really very useful. ”Oh God,” I thought, ”I really want to hate this man, and I can’t.” Exit satirist, pursued by a bear hug.


Gordon Brown. Oh dear. My heart sinks. The man emanates a worthiness that withers the satirical spirit. There are, I suppose, a few rays of sunshine.


There’s always Ming Campbell, I suppose, but, well, he’s such a decent old cove, I really don’t have the heart.


David Miliband needs to stand for leader – and win!
What a joyous and glorious dawn for satirists that would be. Little David, his ambition popping forth like the shirt of an eager schoolboy not quite in control of his clothing, would be guaranteed to try to lead us into some crazed new dawn.

Hands up any cartoonist/satirist who hasn’t recently thought precisely this.

Miliband will have to stand, and after Charles Clarke and Alan Milburn started to clear the path for him yesterday, it’d be foolish not to give it a go. Feeble even. Then again, all the more material for us…

Where I think the article doesn’t quite go far enough, is on Gordon Brown.There might only be “a few rays of sunshine” now, but if he indeed does become PM, I think a whole new Gordon will appear.
He is not a natural PM, and consequently, how he performs and what he does to compensate for that lack of a prime ministerial personality, will be much enjoyed by anyone with satirical intentions.

Still, provided he doesn’t suffer from the same political cowardice as the Chancellor and subsequently fails to stand, I’m putting a hopeful tenner on Miliband.


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