Daily Mail Animated Cartoon…(!)

Daily Mail has done it.
Started using animated political cartoons that is. In fact they started in November last year, but I have only just discovered it. (Has anyone seen it from the start?)
Unfortunately it’s a syndicated American cartoonist – Joe Martin – and not anyone from these shores, but it shows the trend.

The Joe Martin’s comics consist of simple gags, and they do not respond to current events. However, with an archive of 30,000 cartoons, and a team of three animators bringing them to life using simplistic Flash animation, he is able to provide subscribing newspapers with a daily cartoon for, get this, $25 a week!
And by the way, if you need any further proof of the dreadful nature of the syndication industry, he actually feels he has to justify that cost!
I kid you not. Read this AP story on last year’s launch.


With more than 1300 cartoons and comic strips a year, Joe Martin is perhaps more renowned for quantity rather than quality, so it’s no surprise I guess that he’s ended up in the Daily Mail. and reassuringly there aren’t many who can churn it out quite like he can.

Nevertheless, it’s important that cartoonists make sure the trend is not forced in that direction.

Quality mustn’t be ignored simply in order to make the characters move. Animation should be a tool, not an end in itself.


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