Another little software testing animation…


…on the Olympics this time.

UPDATE: Thanks for comments. It certainly does need an ending Matt (and possibly a beginning and middle too!)
As this was a little film that I used mostly to familiarise myself with the software, I did several different things in different versions. One version has an ending which is a bit nearer to what you suggest:



3 Responses to “Another little software testing animation…”

  1. chichi Says:

    Aha, the east end Olympics -my fav subject at the mo.
    V good indeed, Poldraw.

  2. matt Says:

    Excellent stuff Morten – perhaps seeking a bit more of an endpoint? The board blowing up – it’s under pressure etc etc or a closer focus on the ‘billions to go line’ – if you could make that coincide with the climatic music? It’s good stuff.

  3. Stephen Collins Says:

    Nice one, It’s very well animated – you’ve clearly got the hang of whatever software you’re using!

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