The Bucks stop with Browne…

Des Browne deservers credit for telling everyone what a fool he has been.
He looked genuinely sorry. Or maybe ‘shell-shocked’ is a more precise description…
Most of all he managed to be so extraordinarily dull that the media might quite possibly kill the story now in fear of having to report another statement from him. The interview with BBC lasted around eight minutes or so, I think.
He lost me completely about two thirds through. Not because what he was saying was very complicated, but because I got so mesmerised by the way he could talk without opening his mouth, that I simply nodded off… I didn’t actually start listening again until the point where he said that the buck stopped with him. ..and then the interview ended.

What does that mean anyway? That the buck stops with him. Are there any consequences apart from having to admit on TV to sloppy decision making? Or rather having to admit on TV that others made a bad decision that he failed to notice, which is what what he in effect did.
What do they do with those of the ex captives who still might have wanted to sell their stories, but didn’t manage to get their deals in there in time? Shall they be punished for their lack of urgency? Or does the MoD now have to compensate these men with the equivalent amount of money to what they would’ve got from the tabloids?

It could come out of Mr. Browne’s pocket money…


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