Handelsman leads the way…

As mentioned before on these pages, all three cartoonists nominated for this year’s Pulitzer dabble in animation! And guess what, one of them has won!
Walt Handelsman won the award for his ‘stark, sophisticated cartoons and his impressive use of zany animation.’ It’s his second Pulitzer.

Handelsman’s animations can be seen on Newsday.com, and they do deserve to be seen! I’ve often presented Mark Fiore on these pages, and although I still think his work is superior to other animated cartoons online, there is one major thing he should learn from Handelsman.
Fiore tend to linger on scenes for too long after the everything’s been said. It might be the curse of modern tv/film that you can’t keep the camera on anything for more than 3 seconds at the time, but it’s nevertheless the case that you tend to lose the momentum if the viewer is left on a scene for longer than is strictly necessary.
On the other hand, Mark Fiore more than most cartoonists, have something on his mind that he wants to convey. He relays the hard facts through labels and pop-ups, which require that you stay longer on one scene. So maybe we should just live with it…
Walt Handelsman certainly manages to keep a pace and rhythm in his animations, which very successfully keeps the humour going right to the end.

Anyway, the point is as always that things are happening in the world of animated political cartoons. And it is now also an official, award winning medium.

Hat tip Coldhardflash


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