Aaah…so beautifully offensive…

…on so many barely acceptable levels, from Dave Brown.

Peter Brookes has gone for David Miliband in today’s cartoon, and everyone’s refusal to believe that he hasn’t got Prime Ministerial ambitions.
Although I, like anyone else who enjoy observing politics, would prefer it if he did take on Gordon, wouldn’t it be rather brilliant if you had a Minister with no ambitions above his current post?
“I’m Environment Secretary and I really like it! This is where I want to be! I really feel I’m making a difference here!”
The only problem of course, is that such an attitude makes him look exceedingly appealing compared to power-hungry Brown, which means even more pressure will be put upon him to stand!

Ever-excellent Steve Bell is back on familiar territory, somewhere in the White House…

Also worth looking at today, is the cartoon by Garland-stand-in JAS, in the Telegraph. Good strap line. (‘All for one and none for all’)


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