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Comment Central is on sparkling form today, so rather than writing much myself, I’ll just refer you in that direction…

In between the duties of refreshed fatherhood Danny Finkelstein has managed to post this little “eye-opener.”
It’s so obvious it hurts a little, but in a good way…

Robbie Millen underlines what Tim Hames said in the paper earlier. About Miliband’s Manifesto that never was. Glad to see that they’ve made good use of my at the time premature, but now rather timely cartoon about the Miliband-Brown situation.

Both Robbie and Murad Ahmed have interesting posts about the fringes of the French election, although Murad’s point on the state of French democracy is a little rash, isn’t it?

Yesterday’s remarkably high turnout has led some to say it’s a great moment for French democracy. Well, oui and non.

Although many commentators are heralding far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen’s “abject” fourth place in the polls, he still got just over 10% of the vote. Imagine one in ten people here voting for the BNP? Worrying.

I get his point, but the fact that 10% of voters are inclined to be taken in by the rhetoric of Le Pen in a country with a large immigrant population, high unemployment and a great deal of general disillusionment with the status quo, is hardly surprising! Neither is the fact that 9% of the French electorate are seduced by the far left option, as Robbie seems to be very concerned about. And it surely isn’t a sign of problems for French Democracy per se? Rather on the contrary!
That 85% of eligible voters went to the polls, even those on the extreme right and left, can’t possibly represent anything but a ‘great moment for French democracy’! Had they managed to defraud or corrupt the system, it would have been bad. Had they rejected the ballot box and staged a violent uprising, it would have been problematic. But instead the people spoke through the same channel and the result was a majority rejection of the views of an extremist, vocal minority. It is actually a demostration of the democratic system at its best.

Anyway, like I said, I’ll just refer you in their direction. Go read.


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