Quick cartoon round-up…

Dave Brown in the Independent and myself in The Times, have gone for Gordon Brown and David Miliband.
As has Matt in typical funny fashion.
JAS (aka Jim Sillavan) either gambled spectacularly, or decided to hold on to the exit polls from France confirmed the victory of Sarko and Sego. Either way he’s managed to comment on the result.


The Guardian has finally managed to get Martin Rowson’s cartoon online. He’s done Miliband and Brown as David and Goliath…
Must be an obvious metaphor that, because I think I’ve seen it used in this context before…just a couple of weeks ago in fact… Hmmm…


2 Responses to “Quick cartoon round-up…”

  1. Asher Heimermann Says:


    Asher Heimermann

  2. poldraw Says:

    that’s an excellent response!

    Others would include:

    1. ‘And?’
    2. ‘Good for you…’
    3. ‘Anyway…’
    4. ‘Get back to work!’

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