Boris buried in a blaze of boozy cartoons…

With Yeltsin lying in state, Peter Brookes, Steve Bell and Dave Brown offer their comments on his life.
Peter has gone for a visual heaven-gag with a reference to Boris’ famous drunken(?) snub to Taoiseach Albert Reynolds in 1994.
Steve bases his image on the ever useful Gin Lane , and links it with the iconic images of Yeltsin on top of a tank.
Dave’s cartoon shows mostly how difficult it is to try to sum up a mixed legacy like Yeltsin’s in one ambitious image, but he succeeds up to a point I think.

Garland in the Telegraph did a Yeltsin cartoon yesterday (24.04).

Cartoonists in America and elswhere around the world have also chosen to cover the ex presidents death. They’re generally booze based. If you can be asked, you’ll find a few of them in amongst a whole lot of other stuff here.


One Response to “Boris buried in a blaze of boozy cartoons…”

  1. clash Says:

    Cool links 🙂

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