Bell Blair…

The Guardian has kicked off the inevitable surge of Blair Cartoon Galleries in the time to come, with a series of Steve Bell’s work from the last decade and more. Accompanied by some contextualization by Paul Owen.

The images are enjoyable of course, but the web designer responsible should be given a thump on the head.
It’s a slide-show with minuscule text magically appearing in a translucent box when you run your mouse over the image.
Not only is the type so tiny you’d have a hard time reading it under normal circumstances, but on a non-solid background it’s virtually illegible. Astonishingly, as if that wasn’t enough the box appears over the top part of the image, meaning you can’t refer back to it as you try to read Owen’s text.

It’s quite unbelievable that something so simple can be done so poorly.

See for yourself.


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