Hazel Blears is a GIF…

Hazel GIF

Just a test really…
To see if WordPress can handle animated GIFs.
It can.

I think Hazel Blears is a fairy by the way.


8 Responses to “Hazel Blears is a GIF…”

  1. matt Says:

    Well done Morten – very nice caricature.

  2. poldraw Says:

    Thanks Matt,
    She is deceptively hard to draw. Considering how peculiar she looks, I mean.
    A bit like John Reid. Sometimes you get him, other times he’s just weirdly impossible to capture.

    Not like David Miliband. Black helmet hair and monobrow over different sized eyes and a mouth that looks like it was slapped on as a hurried afterthought.

    Miliband for PM.
    Miliband for something anyway.

  3. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    Nice one Morten.

    There’s no problem with WordPress and animated gifs and, as you probably know, it can handle flash and video clips with the correct plugins.

    Sometimes, (depending on how you want it to look) you can reduce the filesize of an animated gif in another way from dithering by overlaying a screen of dark horizontal lines and messing around with the blending.
    This gives a TV screen style effect but because the moving image displayed is only app. 50% of the original, filesize comes down a fair bit,

  4. poldraw Says:

    Neil, that’s a fabulously useful response.
    I didn’t know any of it!

    Me dabbling in gifs had more to do with curiosity than any specific need, but that there is a flash and video plugin, is exciting!
    Is it difficult to do?

    I’ll google it.
    Then get it touch if it’s beyond me.


  5. poldraw Says:

    Bugger me…
    Nothing’s straight forward is it!
    That whole Flash plugin thing might have to wait… I’m confused.

  6. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    Sorry – I’m a bit late – first time back since my last post :

    The video plugins that I have installed are here :




    I need to double check but I think the one that I use is the first.

    I just found this as well :


    You can search for all your plugin needs here :


  7. David B Says:

    If it helps, I use this plugin within WordPress for displaying Flash and it works like a charm.

  8. poldraw Says:

    Cheers David,
    I’ll give it a go!

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