Matt Davies joins the animating ranks…

Despite Daryl Cagle’s doubts about animated political cartoons, he’s still made room on his site for a couple of Matt Davies’ recent productions.

Matt Davies is a London born, multi award winning cartoonist, who emigrated to America and currently is the staff cartoonist of The Journal News.

His traditional editorial work is consistently great, and because of his very particular style, you can spot a Davies from miles away.
Because of that, it is terrific that he’s chosen NOT to draw the characters digitally, but use trad. drawings scanned in and cut up. The animation is not done by the cartoonist himself though, but by an animator (Chris Browne) who obviously knows what he’s doing.

As with many other cartoonists trying to animated their cartoons, the fact that medium is a new one to write for, is rather apparent… Both of the two cartoons featured on Cagle are way, way too long. Funny and nicely executed, but both would have been a lot better if some more work had gone into editing (cutting) and timing.
Furthermore, they wouldn’t have been so incredibly large to load.

Still, a really positive move. The cut-out technique is potentially a popular one for political cartoonists going it alone.


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