Tribune 2.0

Tribune Magazine has chosen the most exciting of political of days to launch its new almost as exciting Digital Politcal Cartoon Diary! Current contributors are cartoonists Alex Hughes and Matt ‘Hack’ Buck, and in addition to them Martin Rowson will also be posting according to the press release. Matt will be publishing his animated political cartoons every Wednesday, thus making Tribune the first magazine/newspaper to commission weekly animations by a British cartoonist. Very impressive indeed, and congratulations to Matt for having managed to get this far with the animation.

The idea of a digital cartoon diary is a very good one! However, even though the work itself obviously will carry the page, Tribune should give a tad more thought to the design of the page I think… Currently both Matt’s and Alex’s own blogs are visually more exciting, so take some advice from them…

Although ‘brand identity’ and such probably isn’t the foremost things in the mind of Tribuners in general, it’s slightly surprising that they haven’t made more of the brand on the page. Also, I can’t find any link from the main Tribune page to the diary..?

It’s potentially such an interesting project that design and layout deserves to be costumized to reflect both the publication and the nature of the site.

For the work alone though, I’ll be a regular.

Joy all around.

UPDATE: The design is much improved now – with a banner with identity!


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