Cartoon Roundup – the Day after…

These are great days.

I always get jealous excited when other cartoonists manage to come up with simple, effective ideas that I know I would never have thought of myself. Unfortunately Times Online have forgotten to post his cartoon on the website, but Peter Brookes have got one of those ideas today.
It’s two frames. Tony Blair goes in as Superman and comes out as old, ordinary, ‘civilian’ Clarke Kent. A middle frame could’ve shown him spinning ferociously, but we get it immediately. A brilliant metaphor.
Keep looking here to see if it appears online…

Steve Bell in the Guardian has done a ‘My Way’ cartoon. Blair singing the lines: “Regrets, I’ve had a few…but then again too few to mention…” Amusingly it’s all with a Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollcks – theme.
MAC in the Daily Wail has also gone for ‘My Way’, but – and this is interesting – it fails to capture the mood in the way Steve Bell’s cartoon does it. Maybe it’s because of lines from the song he’s chosen, maybe it’s the drawing or maybe it’s because of the slightly sinister Mail-like reference to increased immigration and the doom of everything else. Or maybe it’s a bit of everything.

Dave Brown is no fan of Blair either. His spite for the man seems to be growing every day (Illustrated by the increasing amount of spit coming from Blairs mouth.).
Characteristically funny cartoon.

Garland’s cartoon in the Telegraph is good too, in a funny-because-it’s-true kind of way – focusing on Prime Minister Brown, rather than Blair. The words, taken from Rumsfeld’s award winning quote on known knowns and unknown knowns etc, are effective (Unless you spend 20 second wondering what Rumsfeld has got to do with things…).

Lastly: Here’s the Telegraph’s Matt.


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