Straw walking…

Straw walk

While watching Newsnight and This week last night I tried ways of making walk cycles look funny with the least amount of work. Thought this Straw walk was rather successful, simply because it’s so crude. No bending of legs or feet (or arms).


3 Responses to “Straw walking…”

  1. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    nice stuff, maybe the eyes could be glancing about a bit.

    Maybe you could do an Iraq version with him wearing body armour, crawling or ducking behind Condoleezza Rice.
    On a static image front, although it’s probably already been done when he was wearing that helmet and body armour, he reminded me of a turtle, the eyes, slowly blinking and his head peeking out of his shell for the odd look around.
    Back to the animation front – could you not use Poser to draft walk cycles and then use that as a guide for your own drawing (I’m not suggesting you draw in Poser.)
    I’ve not used Poser but I can see that it may have uses to speed up trying out different forms of human motion.

  2. Stephen Collins Says:

    looks good – i don’t know how he walks though. Is it me or do you never really see him walking. Maybe he’s on wheels. Would certainly be easier to animate if he was

  3. poldraw Says:

    Cheers both,

    just a bit of fun as they say…to see how simply it can be done.

    Neil, a lot should be different. He hasn’t even got eyes yet.
    Like the idea of Straw as a turtle. It’s a nice image.

    I’m sure Poser is good, particularly for 3D(?), but with what I’m doing here, there’s nothing easier or more straight forward than Flash or Toonboom. Everything’s connected to pegs; head, upper arms, lower arms, hands, body, upper body, legs, and I can drag and rotate as I wish.

    Normally I’d do a proper walk cycle with bent arms and legs etc.
    My way of working is very much about trying to do it as elaborate as possible, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. So these little tests are like doodles on post-it notes, to see how simple I can do it without losing my style.

    Stephen, I’ve seen him walk and I don’t think it’s anything like what I’ve done. Wheels would be good. Or wings, as I did with Hazel Blears. Eeeeasy animation.

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