Animation round up…ish

Just a couple of things I thought I’d share…

There’s the superb new film from Current TV’s SuperNews. The Shawskank Redemption – with Paris Hilton. Excellent.
Oh, and go to their blog to see how they did that brilliant opening shot of the prison.

Some new stuff from Mark Fiore too, which is worth having a look at if you haven’t already seen it:

Axis of Uh-oh
The Genocide Group

By the way, the New Yorker – that most esteemed organ for cartoons – has opened an animated section online, with gag/pocket cartoons. You can get them as podcasts even. As you would expect from the New Yorker, the animation is of a very high quality, using among other things a boil effect to keep the drawn look and feel of the original work. However, after watching a few of them, it’s difficult to say whether works or not. Something that comes up again and again when we discuss the move from paper to animation, is that it’s not a direct translation. Not in the writing and certainly not in the timing. There are a few that make you chuckle, but most just leave you questioning the whole thing.
It needs a lot more work before the quality of the animated product matches that of the magazine, but the concept is encouraging.


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