Guardian Unlimited does it too…

Ever-on-the-ball cartoonist Matt ‘Hack’ Buck informs me that, like the Daily Mail before it, the Guardian has looked across the pond for a cartoonist to provide animated content for their online section. Although the relationship between Ann Telnaes and Guardian Unlimited seems to be a somewhat more exclusive than the one between Joe Martin and the Mail.

At first glance the animations are rather nice, as the drawings are very much in keeping with her stylish, distinctive newspaper work. Using actual speeches from politicians to animate a cartoon character to, is not a new thing of course. And no doubt it can work very well – particularly when you’ve got George W. Bush as your president. However, having seen just a couple of her animated cartoons, it’s hard not to think that it’s a way of working that has limitations.
It’ll take a lot of ingenuity from Ann Telnaes not to become repetetive and stale.
Then again I’m sure someone of her calibre will find a way around it.

Have a look at her Guardian animation here. (Given recent events in Germany, she’s chosen a pretty brilliant metaphor, I’d say…)

More analysis of the the whys and hows and what next later, I’m sure.
Waiting for more details of the arrangement…


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