Let no one sleep…let them listen.

I seem to be the last person in the world to see this, but I have made a deliberate choice not to waste my time on shows like “Britain’s got talent”. However I stumbled over this clip while reading a Norwegian newspaper online, and it made me sob as if there were no tomorrow. Brilliant emotive editing, ITV style, and then this Paul Potts (whose parents obviously had a sense of humour of sorts) starts to sing…

It’s not Pavarotti, nor would you expect it to be, but the setting contrasted with the performance makes it the most wonderful bit of TV.

This has nothing to do with either politics or drawing, but sod that. It’s terrific.


One Response to “Let no one sleep…let them listen.”

  1. chichi Says:

    Nessun dorma (?). You weren’t the only one alseep coz I wasn’t aware of this talent show either. Thanks for posting, Poldraw.

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