Cartoon Recommendation…

Dave Brown has a great cartoon in today’s Indy. About yesterday’s proceedings in Manchester.
Hits the nail on bang the head.

Clever to have the deputy leader as a dancing monkey. Not only is it always a good metaphor, it makes sense drawing-wise. Although the reasonably early announcement meant there probably would’ve been time to put Harriet Harman in anyway, this way he only had to pop the head on.

Personally I went for Blair’s meeting with the Pope for today’s cartoon. Normally you’d be able to see it here, but no doubt due to some Dan Brown-esque conspiracy, the cartoon has myseriously disappeared.

In the Guardian Martin Rowson continues in his quest to find ingenuous ways to get the word ‘fuck’ in print. Some might remember his infamous farewell to The Times, where he spelled it out with people in a crowd and no-one picked up on it until it was in print. Well…until someone tipped the Eye about it, and they told everyone else.
Today’s cartoon is rather more obvious. A typically surreal Rowson image, and probably a fitting way to end the Blair era.


One Response to “Cartoon Recommendation…”

  1. saamvisual Says:

    The times site has failed – it suggests your cartoon on the front page but inside – nothing….

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