Eyes wide shut..?

The 2020 vision of Charles Clarke and Alan Milburn is probably still directed ‘towards a progressive century’, but from the content of their website it seems like they are currently closing their eyes as hard as possible, in the hope that Gordon won’t become leader after all if they don’t see it, hear it or speak it.
The sentence that greets you as you enter this hub of forward-gazing debate is:

In a few weeks’ time, Labour will have a new leader and the country will have a new Prime Minister.


Maybe they’re planning a coup!?


2 Responses to “Eyes wide shut..?”

  1. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    Do you think Charles Clarke decided on the 2020 Vision name to have an extra dig at Gordon Brown’s eyesight problems ?

    ..just a thought…..

  2. poldraw Says:


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