Cartoon round up…

As this has been probably the longest farewell in history, we’ve seen departure cartoons for the last month or so.
So when the day finally arrives, it seems the cartoonists have already moved to the next chapter. Much like Tony I guess.

Steve Bell in the Guardian has done a rather brilliant one of Blair the peace envoy. It has that whole picture-thousand-words-thing.

Dave Brown‘s cartoon in the Indy isn’t dissimilar, although slightly more elaborate.

Peter Brookes in The Times has done Gordon Brown at least! Unfortunately there’s a bug on the cartoon page – the same that has been affecting it for a few days now – so it’s slightly random whether you can see it or not.
Anyway, I saw it last night so here’s a “summary”: It’s Queen Elizabeth resembling Queen Victoria sitting side saddle on a horse, with Gordon Brown standing in front of the horse in his Scottish attire. The image is drawn in sepia colours giving it an old look. Behind the horse there’s a splendid Blair-shaped horse poo (If I remember it rightly).
The title: “Mrs. Brown”
I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing, or an age thing – or as is quite possible – sheer ignorance on my part, but I wasn’t aware of the John Brown and Queen Victoria relationship, or of the play Mrs Brown. Having Googled my way to a chuckle though, I think it’s a pretty successful cartoon. Hopefully most people will have a more immediate response though.

The link to the film takes you to the American network PBS, which also incidentally has got a interesting feature on Victorian cartoons – some of which feature the above mentioned John Brown.

By the way, The Telegraph has asked its greatest asset – pocket cartoonist MATT – to sum up the Blair Years. It’s terrific fun.


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