Today’s Cartoons of the Big Day…

This is brilliant.
This whole handover of power thing.
We should do it more often.

Today’s cartoons of course are the ones that historians will flick through in the years to come when trying to find a visual to brighten up their analysis of the shift between Blairism and Brownism.

Compared to Blair 10 years ago – Brown’s not getting an easy ride! He’s famously frustrated with the fact that cartoonists draw him unfairly fat. But judging by today’s cartoons it doesn’t seem like becoming Prime Minister is going to help that. What’s more, the outgoing Blair is, deliberately or not, being portrayed in a most favourable light!

Peter Brookes draws Blair and Brown and puts Blair’s smile onto Brown’s face. Anyone who saw the moment when Brown consciously had to remind himself to smile after returning to Downing Street after meeting the Queen, would probably protest against the idea that Brown is somehow turning into Blair like that, but as a metaphor for the politics it’s great. The clever thing about this idea is not that Gordon has got Blair’s grin – many of us have done that in one shape or form – but the fact that Blair is left without one.
(By the way, you can also see yesterday’s Mrs Brown cartoon online now.)

Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian shows the sun Blair being eclipsed by the dark cloud that is Gordon. That pretty much sums up the feeling I got when watching him speak in front of Number 10 – hence my much less visually adventurous The Change is Nigh image that I drew as he was speaking.

Dave Brown in the Independent has a very nice one of Gordon outside Number 10 – with a much too small Cinderella shoe on his foot. Speech bubble saying: “There… I told you it would fit!” Simple and effective.

Garland in the Telegraph shows 10 years of Gordon. Dour in the first 9 frames – smiling in the last. Caption: “Time for Change”.


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