Cartoon round up…

…on a Monday.

An interesting mix of stories.

Personally I went for Cameron’s attempt to transform the Tory party, bearing in mind their less than impressive performance in the opinion polls.
As I’m writing this Times Online are claiming that Peter Brookes did the cartoon, but unless Peter’s started using my signature, I’m pretty sure I did it.

JAS in the Telegraph has got an interesting one. On the difficult subject of Pakistan. Very strong…

Dave Brown in the Indy has a very nice cartoon on the Special Relationship.

In the Guardian, Martin Rowson is also tackling Britain’s relationship with the Bush administration – in characteristic style shall we say. An impressive visual performance as always.

Paul Thomas in the Daily Express has a cartoon on Gordon, but unless you read the Express’ article on the PM’s alleged raid on savings, it won’t mean much.


2 Responses to “Cartoon round up…”

  1. beau bo d'or Says:

    Nice one Morten – that must have taken a while.
    The Times runs a pretty tight site but their links to cartoons are atrocious, frequently taking the reader to the wrong section or a section that is inadequately defined.
    All the paper has to do is put the cartoons in a mini-blog format and set up a category for each of you.
    Hmmm, thoughts of a groundbreaking TV series come to mind….”I am not a category; I am a free man !”
    The previews on mouseover are also a bit naff as they seem to prevent clickthrough.

  2. poldraw Says:

    Cheers Neil.
    It didn’t actually take much longer than the average drawing, but I had to do it twice the size I normally do, because of all the details. I normally work about 20% up from print size. This was more like 120%.

    With regards to Times Online, I’m saying nothing of course. But you generally have a good eye for these things…

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