Still fiddling…

Here’s a low-quality version of a reasonably recent animation test.
(I still can’t get flash on here…)

I haven’t put any sound on it until now, which is why it’s not been shown before.

Please bear in mind that this is an animation test, and not a to-the-point political cartoon. It was very much a case of the visuals being in place before the idea, so it only ended up being Tony versus the Media half way through the production.

My aim with this test was to minimize background and rather focus on movement.
I also tried to suggest action with symbols and camera work instead of fully animated action.

This is extremely basic stuff for anyone who’s studied either film or animation, but if you’re going the autodidactic route, it takes a fair bit of trying and failing…


7 Responses to “Still fiddling…”

  1. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    Great stuff.

    Here’s the plugin to embed flash swfs :

    The plugin doesn’t work perfectly for me but that’s probably because I can only export to Flash 4 – it doesn’t want to size the animation to the dimensions of the workspace.

  2. poldraw Says:

    That’s very much appreciated Neil.
    My only problem is that I’m so green that I can’t find where I activate the plugin in my admin panel!


  3. Beau Bo D'Or Says:

    Now, I run wordpress off my own server, so it might be different, but the activation should be under the plugins tab, under Plugin Management.

    If you don’t see the relevant plugin it could be that you’ve loaded it incorrectly which is a very easy thing to do – I’ve done it several times.

    When you extract the zip file locally, it creates its own folder called (pb-embedflash.1.2.2) and within that is a folder called pb-embedflash.
    Unfortunately, within that folder is yet another folder named pb-embedflash – exactly the same name ! along with some screenshot files and a readme.txt file.
    You should only upload the final pb-embedflash folder.
    You should ensure the folder pb-embedflash is in the plugins directory. Within the correct pb-embedflash folder there should be only one other folder called locales and two files.

    Hope this helps.

  4. matt Says:

    Ditto to what Neil says Morten – that’s a lovely piece.

  5. Stephen Collins Says:

    really great stuff Morten, doesn’t look green at all. I love the final scene.

  6. poldraw Says:

    You’re all very kind!

  7. chichi Says:

    Haha, Morten, I marvel at you. Fab.
    ta ta

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