From the Sketchbook: Dopey…

Alistair Darling



7 Responses to “From the Sketchbook: Dopey…”

  1. chichi Says:

    Love the eyebrows, Morten. Marvellous.

  2. poldraw Says:

    Cheers Chichi!

  3. Stephen Collins Says:

    very funny indeed. did they not use the eyebrows one??

  4. orng Says:

    the eyebrow thing is HILAROUS nice 😛
    is that one part of his face caught in a time warp or something??
    imagine dying your eyebrows..

  5. Tony Hatfield Says:

    Any objection for my using the Darling cartoon on my blog?

  6. Tony Hatfield Says:

    Sorry, something lurking on my clipboard pasted into website!!!!!

  7. SYNTAGMA » Fannie Brown and Freddie Darling Says:

    […] With this Keystone Cops British government I can almost believe anything. Cartoon of Alistair Darling by Morland. […]

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