Floody Flippancy…

It’s all floods, floods, floods in the Op-ed cartoon sections today. But unsurprisingly cartoonists have showed the Blitz spirit and reduced the crisis to a mere metaphor for the much more mundane issue of Cameron’s failure to floor Brown. We will not let flash flooding threaten our way of life.

The award for best use of catastrophe goes to Martin Rowson I think. With Gordon as the storm cloud, and Cameron hillariously floating through flooded streets. It’s a simply beautiful image.

I made Gordon the flood itself – or a raging river more like – almost engulfing Conservative party offices and threatening Cameron. In an attempt to escape the floods Cameron blows up a rather pathetic looking raft called Policies. Will it carry him to safety?

Dave Brown adds the element of the recent byelections to contextualize the Tory leader’s problems.

JAS in the Telegraph illustrates Cameron’s woes by going a tad over the top what Gordon’s abilities/success is concerned. Still, it makes the point re. Cameron!


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