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Alberto Gonzales Remembered…

August 27, 2007


The US Attorney General has resigned from office, bringing to an end a tenure mired in controversy. Much has been made of the fact that Alberto Gonzales was the first man of Hispanic decent to hold such high office – a milestone which should be celebrated.
More significant however, is the fact that he was the first Attorney General with the memory of an amnesic goldfish:


Prescott’s legacy…

August 27, 2007


He’ll be sorely missed.

Resigned to Rove…

August 13, 2007

Rove resigns

The resignation of Bush’s frat mate and personal wizard Karl Rove, who to the intense pride of my homeland’s tabloids is a Norwegian-American, is going to generate a fabulous frenzy in media circles, as commentators and columnists line up to analyze the legacy of the man they will call a brutal, brash, immoral and loyal genius – responsible for the rise and fall of Repubilcan dominance. Journalists love the Roves of this world, and loathe them even more – as was the case with our very own effing Al Campbell.

Cartoonists are no different. Rove has been a favourite target for American satirists for several years now, and they’ll undoubtedly miss his unscrupulous malevolence, cariacturable, chubby cheeks and comic book balefulness. He’s departure will have them spitting inky bile until he’s well and truly spending more time with his family (while contemplating which Rebulican candidate to offer his highly priced advice to in the upcoming campaign).

I’ve done a matter-of-fact-ish cartoon on the subject for Tuesday’s Times, and I’m sure other British cartoonists too will have jumped at the opportunity to mock the man of many names (Ranging from “the Architect” to “the Turd” and beyond) or the president (of even more names) who relied so heavily on his guidance.
However if you would like to indulge in yet more blunt analysis of the man behind the Bush, I suggest you watch this space in the days to come.

Jib Jab Starring You!

August 9, 2007

Now here’s some Friday fun if ever I saw it.
The ever-brilliant creators of Jib Jab invite you to put your own pictures into films. Simple idea – no end of potential merriment.
I got to do the Charleston with Margaret Beckett! There are probably ways of posting the whole film onto the blog, but for the moment you’ll have to make do with this rather splendid grab of the two of us in action:


It’s Friday. Give it a go…

Mark Fiore goes Universal…

August 6, 2007

The cartoonist and animator has signed with Universal, and he’s work will now be available on

Hat tip: The Daily Cartoonist

KALtooning update…

August 5, 2007

Matt ‘Hack’ Buck has (once again) beat me to a piece of Breaking News regarding animated political cartoons, and has posted Kevin ‘KAL’ Kallaugher’s latest 3D animation.
I’ve written about his new project previously here, here, oh and here.

In my last post I said it would be interesting to see the character move beyond the press conference area, and doing more complex movements than the hand and head motions we had seen so far. Now this latest cartoon most certainly shows us that!

Matt rightly in my opinion points out that the cartoon does not show KAL at his political best yet. It is obviously meant to be a ‘portfolio piece’ showing the possibilities with regards to movement, setting etc, and like I said there’s little doubt that it succeeds at that. It looks very accomplished indeed. Despite the fact that it’s a promo piece however, the self-importance that is such a prominent feature in this, and of much of what the KAL animation team has published to date, is becoming somewhat tedious.

KAL was one of my earliest inspirations in cartooning, and I have enormous respect for him and his drawn work. As my previous posts on the subject tells, I also greatly admire his willingness to explore new avenues within cartooning and believe this current project holds one of the keys to how political cartooning will be in the (near) future. Despite this though, like Matt, I look at this latest cartoon still with curiosity and anticipation, but not any great enthusiasm.

All that’s left is a pretty good argument…

August 3, 2007

Anyone who has read Nick Cohen’s book “What’s Left?” with either nodding approval, curious fascination, bewilderment or anger will enjoy the following. And those of you who hasn’t will probably be inclined to visit a nearby library.

First read Johann Hari’s ‘review’ of the book in the New York based magazine Dissent. It’s more of a critique of Nick Cohen the man, than the book, but that’s what makes the ensuing argument all the more compelling.

Nick Cohen’s response here.

Followed by a response to the response by Hari.

Oliver Kamm also joins the debate, and if you are that way inclined you will enjoy the many links to related arguments from a couple of the above-mentioned posts.

By the way, Oliver Kamm goes on here, here, and in a courteously condescending way here

Long may it continue.
A full blown feud would be nice.


August 1, 2007

I returned from holiday (again) to a bizarre cartooning incident. It’s not uncommon of course that cartoonists on the same day do the same subject, or even that a couple have more or less the same basic idea. But it’s pretty rare to have four cartoonists basically drawing the same image! That it was Peter Brookes, Dave Brown, Steve Bell and JAS makes it even stranger. I would’ve listed and referred to them all, but Matt ‘Hack’ Buck has kindly got in before me and done the job.