All that’s left is a pretty good argument…

Anyone who has read Nick Cohen’s book “What’s Left?” with either nodding approval, curious fascination, bewilderment or anger will enjoy the following. And those of you who hasn’t will probably be inclined to visit a nearby library.

First read Johann Hari’s ‘review’ of the book in the New York based magazine Dissent. It’s more of a critique of Nick Cohen the man, than the book, but that’s what makes the ensuing argument all the more compelling.

Nick Cohen’s response here.

Followed by a response to the response by Hari.

Oliver Kamm also joins the debate, and if you are that way inclined you will enjoy the many links to related arguments from a couple of the above-mentioned posts.

By the way, Oliver Kamm goes on here, here, and in a courteously condescending way here

Long may it continue.
A full blown feud would be nice.


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