KALtooning update…

Matt ‘Hack’ Buck has (once again) beat me to a piece of Breaking News regarding animated political cartoons, and has posted Kevin ‘KAL’ Kallaugher’s latest 3D animation.
I’ve written about his new project previously here, here, oh and here.

In my last post I said it would be interesting to see the character move beyond the press conference area, and doing more complex movements than the hand and head motions we had seen so far. Now this latest cartoon most certainly shows us that!

Matt rightly in my opinion points out that the cartoon does not show KAL at his political best yet. It is obviously meant to be a ‘portfolio piece’ showing the possibilities with regards to movement, setting etc, and like I said there’s little doubt that it succeeds at that. It looks very accomplished indeed. Despite the fact that it’s a promo piece however, the self-importance that is such a prominent feature in this, and of much of what the KAL animation team has published to date, is becoming somewhat tedious.

KAL was one of my earliest inspirations in cartooning, and I have enormous respect for him and his drawn work. As my previous posts on the subject tells, I also greatly admire his willingness to explore new avenues within cartooning and believe this current project holds one of the keys to how political cartooning will be in the (near) future. Despite this though, like Matt, I look at this latest cartoon still with curiosity and anticipation, but not any great enthusiasm.


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