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Another Mark Fiore gem…

September 29, 2007

Matt ‘Hack’ Buck has just poked me about this brilliant new Mark Fiore animation.
Terrific stuff.


Saturday Cartoons…

September 29, 2007

Just thought I’d share some cartoons in case you haven’t picked up the papers today.

Dave Brown has done a rather splendid Rouges’ Gallery pastiche with a cheeky reference to the myth that there exist photos of a grown-up Gordon Brown sat on a rocking horse -wearing nothing but a big nappy. The nappy unfortunately doesn’t make an appearance in the cartoon, but the rocking horse does.

As is tradition when the party conference season reaches Blackpool, the tram makes an appearance. This time in Peter Brookes’ cartoon in the Times. Timesonline unfortunately publishes the cartoons too small, so in case you can’t read the text on Cameron’s book, it’s “Richard Dawkins – The Gord Delusion”.

By the way, JAS has a characteristically poignant and stylistic piece in the Daily Telegraph.
Oh and while you’re there, have a chuckle at MATT’s ever-excellent pocket cartoon.

From the Sketchbook: Gordo Poppins speaks to the Nation…

September 24, 2007

Gordo Poppins3

From the pad: Ahmadinejad in the US…

September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad in the US

The lovable little Iranian missionary of peace and Holocaust denial that is president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in the US.

From the Sketchbook: Bluetongue…

September 23, 2007


From Uzbekistan with Lard…

September 21, 2007

The blogs of Tim Ireland and Craig Murray among others have been removed after their server was pulled by Fasthosts.
The services management company was threatened with legal action from the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who is currently attempting to buy a blocking stake in Arsenal football club, after Tim Ireland and in particular ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray shed light on the dodgy dealings of the bloated oligarch on their blogs.

Read more here, here, here, here and here…for starters.

Mainstream media must follow.

Hacking Ming…

September 21, 2007

Young Turk Matt ‘Hack’ Buck and his Channel 4 News team have done a rather fine animated breakdown of the Lib Dem leader’s speech yesterday.
Pretty stunning turn-around, managing to produce an animation for next day publication!

Bell drawing Ming…

September 21, 2007

Guardian Unlimited (stupid name…) has got a nice little feature of Steve Bell at the Lib Dem conference.

Going to the conferences really makes a big difference in terms of developing your understanding of what the politicians look like. Most cartoonists have access to a rich library of photos and will eagerly watch conference broadcasts looking for quirky idiosyncracies that we might pick up on in later cartoons, but nothing compares to actually being there. Sitting only meters away, Steve has the chance to study Ming in detail – down to the folds in his trousers.
As I wasn’t in the hall this year, and had to rely on BBC’s edited viewpoint, I focused on Ming’s face in particular (See below).

Steve’s finished cartoon is probably the best anyone has done from this conference in my opinion. He doesn’t simply revert to an easy joke about the Lib Dem’s leader’s age, which frankly is so cheap it’s getting tedious, but makes a much more interesting comment on Ming the leader.

From the Sketchbook: Ming…

September 21, 2007


Watching Ming’s speech today, something suddenly became very clear.
Ming’s got a problem.
And curiously, concidering all the speculations surrounding his leadership, the only person who identified it this week, was Ming himself.

His problem is not age. It’s not even energy. He’s probably fitter and works harder than most commentators who like to question his vitality. It’s not in itself his public speaking skills, even though they often leave a lot to be desired. Today’s speech was pretty good as a whole, even if you looked at it from an objective point of view. His problem is not that he’s the leader of a party more used to dealing with irrelevance than power. Nor is it solely an apparent lack of media friendly charisma.
It’s not policies, and it’s certainly not judgement.

It’s fear.

He looks frightened.

In the Q&A session with Sandi Toksvig he jokingly said he was “scared stiff” before his big speech. Ask any politician or performer and they will probably admit to similar trepidation. Ming’s problem is that it shows.
It might of course merely be an unfortunate genetic conisidence, but that doesn’t make it any less significant.
Approaching the podium, he looks apprehensive.
When opening his speech, he looks frozen.
When telling a joke, he looks concerned that people will not laugh – and too relieved that they are.
And when ending his speech he puts more energy into gesturing to people to get up on their feet, than emphasising his final point.

He might give a confident speech with regards to policies, vision and jokes, but when the face spells alarm, predators attack.

Animation round up…

September 19, 2007

Busy times leads to woefully irregular blogging at the moment.
Should pick up soon.

Here are a few things to keep you entertained for the next 10 minutes anyway:

Mark Fiore – on the new Osama Collection.
Great fun as always.

Those who follow Beau Bo D’Or regularly, will be aware of his recent ventures into animation. This one is very good indeed.

The Current Super News team has also released a couple of sketches recently. Here and here. Not their best to date, I guess it’s fair to say, but still worth watching if you follow American politics and need something to do.

By the way, cartoonist Matt “Hack” Buck has launched an animated portfolio, showing off the potential of drawings in motion. Have a look here.

OOOH, and there’s a new episode of It’s Jerry Time